Danica DeCosto is a filmmaker, actress and mother of two well behaved young boys, Rowan Birmingham, 6, and Ivan Birmingham, 3.

Danica has acted in dozens of feature length and short films, music videos, commercials and television. A good example is Crazy Animal, a feature film that Danica plays one of the leads as "Meese," found in most online stores, on video on demand and in some physical store locations, out through Troma Entertainment. A video starring her son Rowan and Danica, called 'Toddler Sees Ghost' has well over 1 million hits on Youtube. Some of her starring/singing music videos have done well on various sites online, such as 'Danilicious,' 'Johnny Elf' and 'The Cupcake Song.' She directed as well as starred in and sang in all three music videos. As a filmmaker, Danica made two beautiful short films, 'Imagination' and 'Tir Nan Og,' that screened at dozens of international film festivals, both winning awards, including a Young Artist Award.

You can find Danica on Facebook and Youtube.


Danica DeCosto