Danica DeCosto is mother of three children, Rowan, Ivan and baby Ayla.

Danica had dreams of becoming an actress and filmmaker since childhood. After starring in high school and college plays, Danica moved to Los Angeles when she was 20 years old. She attended Santa Monica College and graduated Loyola Marymount University with a BA in film production. In Los Angeles she met John Birmingham, where they collaborated on many movies together, including Danica's two short student films Imagination and Tir Nan Og. Both of Danica's short films screened dozens of international film festivals and won awards, including a Young Artist Award for her short film Tir Nan Og, other award winners including Rupert Grint from Harry Potter, Frankie Muniz, and Danica shared the stage with Shia Lebeouf who was there to accept the award fro Frankie Muniz. Nearly all of the other movies were produced by major studios accept for Danica's independent short film Tir Nan Og. Danica decided to move away from Los Angeles, to marry John Birmingham in his home town and start a family, where Rowan Birmingham was born in 2006. Later, in 2009, Ivan Birmingham was born. Danica divorced John Birmingham, but they remain good friends, at times have been best friends. Danica just gave birth to her third child, Ayla June Dales. In addition to raising a family, Danica has acted in dozens of feature length and short films, music videos, commercials and television, as well as earns a living on her successful Youtube channel (see link below).


If you want to see a feature film that Danica starred in, you can buy the movie "Crazy Animal" here... Rowan and Ivan's father John Birmingham wrote, directed and produced the movie. It is available from Troma Entertainment, and at one time was rated the #900 most popular movie of its time by the IMDb. Crazy Animal is rated R for language and nudity. Danica does NOT show any nudity in this movie. It is for adults and can be bought from Troma Entertainment direct on DVD for less than $6 at this link: Crazy Animal! (a Hollywood movie starring Danica DeCosto!) or download from Amazon video on demand (this is a Rated R movie for adults!). Another movie that Danica plays one of the most important characters in is Rednecks, out on Blu-Ray soon from Troma Entertainment on April 10, 2018. Danica's sons Rowan Birmingham and Ivan Birmingham have at least one speaking line each in this movie that was filmed in 2013 when they were just 7 and 3 years old. You can pre-order Rednecks here. Rednecks is also rated R.


For all ages friendly videos, including music videos and her short films, please go to Danica's Youtube Channel at the below link where you can watch hundreds of her videos for free!

You can find Danica on Facebook and Youtube.


Danica DeCosto

Danica's business contact email: Danica824 at gmail dot com